Plaitwrights - insects ligaments July 2014

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meh, london bridge & the eye. 

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Woodstock, 1969

I would give away all of my limbs to have been there

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From the core to the perimeter black You know the motto,
Stay fluid even in staccato
Mos Def

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French Artist Creates Amazing Portraits from Liquid, Solid and Powdered Foods

  1. Bruce Lee in milk
  2. Ice Cube in crushed ice and salt
  3. The Mona Lisa in barbecue sauce
  4. Master Yoda in chewing gum
  5. Lauryn Hill in caramel
  6. Will Smith in condensed milk
  7. Mahatma Gandhi in chocolate drink
  8. Jack Sparrow in rum
  9. Eminem in honey

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Young playa aint neva been no Uncle Tom

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Mess wit my child like that haha

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